Amazon Rekognition Deep Learning Powered Image Recognition Service

Automate your image analysis with machine learning

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Object and Scene Detection
Detect any object
Facial analysis
Detect Facial Patterns
Celebrity Recognition
Check who is famous
Face Comparison
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Image Moderation
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Text in Image
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Amazon Rekognition Features

Face recognition

Detect up to 100 faces in an image

Face Comparison

Compare to up to 15 detected faces

Text Detection

Text rotated by up to -90 to +90 degrees

Confidence Score

Adjust probability of a given prediction

Maximum Image Size

Up to 15MB stored as Amazon S3 object

Minimum Image Size

80 pixels for both height and width

Supported Image Formats


Text Detection

Can detect up to 50 words in an image

Minimum Face Size

40x40 pixels in an image with 1920X1080 pixels


Only 1$ per 1000 images

Free Tier Eligible

up to 5,000 images/month during first year

Paymet Method

Pay as you go Model